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Genuine parts and accessories

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® - why would you use anything else

At Volkswagen, our genuine parts are created during the vehicle development and are therefore matched optimally to each and every model. Their quality and functionality reaches the highest of standards across the whole range through hours of testing and endless research and development to ensure quality is continually improved. Volkswagen wants to make sure your safety and satisfaction are foremost, and yes there maybe some cheaper alternatives or even counterfeit product out there, but your life is priceless, ask yourself what is the real cost.

Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts®

Volkswagen is not just the number one with regards to environmental protection. It is also top in recirculating and recycling end-of-life products. What started decades ago with individual cylinders, fuel pumps and carburetors for the first Beetle, has since developed into the most comprehensive reclamation program in automobile history. Volkswagen implemented the idea for exchange parts right back in 1947 with the aim of saving energy and materials. The first Genuine Exchange items from Volkswagen were individual cylinders, fuel pumps, carburetors, steering boxes and clutch pressure plates. From these first 5 items many more followed.

Replacement of defective parts for Genuine Exchange Parts has been possible for as far back as 1947. The Genuine exchange Parts are reconditioned to the same quality as series production. This value for money and environmentally friendly program now comprises about 10,000 items for vehicles from Volkswagen, Volkswagen commercial and Audi brands.

With regard to this, reconditioning to the same series quality and also economy is of significant importance to us. Our handling processes assure optimal functionality and safety and are matched to series production with the development departments. Our customers can therefore take pleasure in the knowledge that Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts® have the same factory back warranty and quality but are up to 50 percent cheaper in price than comparable new parts, just another reason to use Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Genuine Accessories & Merchandise

Movement fascinates. In fact, there are few subjects that excite people more. Volkswagen Genuine Accessories bring everything people associate with the brand into the realm of accessories. Before a vehicle even appears on the market, Volkswagen Genuine Accessories are developed, tested and approved alongside it.

Quality and function down to the smallest detail are what make Volkswagen Genuine Accessories so irresistible. Experience our broad range of product families for individual mobility - for even more driving pleasure and fascination. Your authorised Volkswagen agent will be happy to advise you.