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Genuine exchange parts

Good for the environment

How we save valuable resources and expensive energy

Industrial reconditioning of used parts not only saves material from being scrapped, it also preserves energy and work input. At the same time, it prevents unnecessary pollution of the environment by waste and hazardous materials

The Exchange Parts program is active environmental protection - much more than simple recycling. Many components produced in expensive processes are reconditioned, thereby avoiding cost and energy- intensive processing steps, such as melting, casting and molding, etc. Where environmental protection normally incurs additional cost, our program actually offers significant cost savings.

A solid achievement

Since we started the Exchange Parts program, we have sold more than 7.7 million engines, 2.5 million transmissions and 68 million additional components in the Exchange Parts business. By reconditioning all these Genuine Exchange Parts, we have achieved a huge reduction in emissions and use of resources compared with new production. All these reductions make a major contribution to environmental protection.

In addition to bringing huge savings for customers, Genuine Exchange Parts also help us save - to the benefit of nature!

With regard to this, reconditioning to the same series quality and also economy are of significant importance to us. Our handling processes assure optimal functionality and safety and are matched to series production with the development departments. Our customers can therefore take pleasure in the knowledge that genuine parts have the same quality but are up to 50 percent cheaper in price than comparable new parts.

Cost saving with same level of quality

Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts are brand products direct from the vehicle manufacturer. Therein lies the same competence and quality from the world brand Volkswagen, therefore, as in comparable new parts. We have a wide range of high quality and good value for money exchange parts ready for you.

Our range

Replacement of defective parts for Genuine Exchange Parts has been possible for as far back as 1947. The Genuine Exchange Parts are reconditioned to the same quality as series production. This value for money and environmentally friendly programme now comprises about 10,000 items for vehicles from Volkswagen, Volkswagen commercial and Audi brands.

Your Gain

Short waiting times, fast repair

With Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts, repair times can be reduced, which makes installation cheaper in price. Due to the accurate fit, you save additional costs from later amendments or additional visits to the workshop.

Price advantage thanks to time related offers

The cost saving for Exchange Parts compared with new parts is more than 50 percent in most cases as the old part is reclaimed. And because complex components, e.g. power units, are reused more frequently, the production costs are reduced considerably to your advantage.

High quality, high safety, guarantee as per new part

Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts are reconditioned industrially and checked in the factory for quality, fitting accuracy and functionality. In this way, the reconditioned parts are technically new and identical to the genuine parts installed in a vehicle. This guarantees quality, safety and longevity.

Reconditioned power units and parts are as good as new parts. Due to the high demands placed on the quality of a Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Part, we can provide the same warranty entitlements as on new parts. The same applies to repair work.

Value retention increases resale value, technical improvement

Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts are technically new. They do not just extend the service life of your vehicle, but also increase its resale value. The technical level of a repaired vehicle following repair with a genuine exchange part could actually even become greater as new technical features from series production are included in the reconditioning process.

Good for the environment

Our exchange programme is also a form of active environmental protection. To this date, millions of tons of valuable raw material has been reclaimed and enormous amounts of energy has been saved: The amount of steel that was able to be saved by reconditioning 7.5 million engines is enough to build 50 Eiffel towers or 162 Golden Gate bridges.

Broad range

To ensure that you can always be supplied reliably with parts, even for an older model, we have more than 10,000 exchange products available. Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts secure mobility for up to 15 years after series production has ended.

The technology

The same standards apply for the level of quality as for series production of new parts. By orientating this around new part production, technical amendments from research and development are taken into account straight away. Our customers therefore receive exchange parts that are at the latest state of technology. A reconditioned product has the same quality as a new part and thereby also the same warranty entitlements. With a saving of up to fifty percent.

The process

Reconditioning to Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts is carried out in five stages. To view the quality check as an extra step would not be adequate. At Volkswagen the quality assurance measures are an integral part of the overall reconditioning process.

Development of exchange programme

Volkswagen implemented the idea for exchange parts right back in 1947 with the aim of saving energy and materials. The first Genuine Exchange items from Volkswagen were individual cylinders, fuel pumps, carburettors, steering boxes and clutch pressure plates. From these first 5 items many more followed.