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The Tiguan

Style Ready for a stylish appearance? Make a statement with the Tiguan.


Savour the prospect of the expressive headlights with all-LED technology, which emphasize the powerful design of the Tiguan and also play to their strengths off the beaten track.

Visibly perfect.

The striking headlights with LED technology come as standard on the Tiguan. The LEDs stand out in particular with their large volume of light, long service life and advanced energy efficiency. The headlamps provide an impressive light signature and deliver a higher light output than conventional halogen lamps.

Panoramic sliding / tilting sunroof

Thanks to the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof, you can now discover your surroundings from another perspective.

Enjoy the views.

For an even more generous sense of spaciousness - the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof in the Tiguan allows you to flood the interior with light if you wish. At the push of a button you can also let fresh air in, by raising just the front section of the roof or open it as wide as you like. In the dark, the integrated ambient lighting bathes the interior in a pleasantly dimmed light, which is increased when the doors are open, making it easier for you to negotiate your way around the interior.

Exterior design

The Tiguan is ready for those small and large adventures that make up daily life. Its exterior conveys power and class - the perfect combination for a life full of opportunities.

Extremely powerful.

Dynamic proportions, an expressive front-end and a power-packed rear - the Tiguan ensures it gets noticed despite its compact dimensions. The clear design idiom of the striking radiator grille is also continued in a self-confident silhouette. The flanks are likewise accentuated through the characteristic lines. With its partially painted bumper and chrome strips on the rear and in the ventilation grille, the Tiguan Highline expresses self-confidence and sophistication.

Interior design

You'll enjoy spending more time in the interior of the Tiguan. Thanks to the meticulously coordinated materials and clear design idiom, it ensures a feel-good atmosphere right away.

Impressively equipped.

The high-quality materials in the interior underscore the self-confident character of the Tiguan. The harmonious design concept catches the eye, which not only stands out with its clear arrangement and clarity in the driver-focussed cockpit. Passengers in the Tiguan also enjoy generous legroom in the front and rear.

Ambient lighting

The ambient lighting on your new Tiguan bathes the interior in a fascinating light while ensuring that you can also find your way around in the dark.

Pleasant glow.

Illuminated door sill trims as well as front and rear decorative trims convey an initial impression of the lighting concept. This is further enhanced with llumination on the door handles, the vanity mirrors and in the footwell. These interior lights all feature advanced LED technology. With the panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof, you will also get individually adjustable, dimmable illumination for the headlining.

Comfort The Tiguan gets you effortlessly to your destination. And thanks to a host of convenience functions, even long journeys are made enjoyable.


You enjoy a raised seating position in the Tiguan, and an even higher level of comfort and enjoyment.

Perfectly restrained.

The raised seating position in the Tiguan provides you with a better view of road traffic. 

Air conditioning

Feel-good factor as standard: with the "Air Care Climatronic" air conditioning system in your new Tiguan, temperature is controlled independently for three zones.

With a cool head.

The "Air Care Climatronic" air-conditioning system allows the preferred temperature to be set individually for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers. The electric control unit factors in all the important variables, such as the position and strength of the sun and the outside temperature, and introduces more or less cool air accordingly. Allergy sufferers will also be happy to know that the "Air Care Climatronic" air conditioning system not only includes an automatic recirculated air mode, but a biogenic filter too.

Luggage compartment

A packed diary requires lots of space. The Tiguan provides a large luggage space and a variable seating system for even more possibilities as standard.

Well thought-out.

In the Tiguan you can stow your luggage in over 600 litres of luggage compartment capacity. Additional flexibility comes courtesy of the asymmetrically split-folding rear seat bench that can be adjusted fore and aft by 18 cm. With the variable loading floor concept, even greater versatility is achieved. The "Easy Open" also system gives convenience at the wave of a foot - if you have your hands full with heavy or bulky luggage, you now simply need to flick your foot under the rear of the vehicle and the tailgate opens automatically. All you need is to have the car key in your trouser pocket for identification. And with "Easy Close" the tailgate on the Tiguan can be closed with a single press of a button - immediately or delayed as soon as the vehicle key fob is a certain distance away.

Technology The Tiguan is an SUV which meets the most demanding requirements - or can even exceed them: with advanced technology and efficient engines.

Safety and comfort

A whole suite of safety features work together to ensure top-of-the-line safety for all occupants. Thanks to this, the Tiguan has gotten the full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests in 2016, making it one of Europe's safest cars.

Greater composure.

There are standard-fit air bags for the driver and front passenger, as well as side bags, head air bags and front knee bag on the driver's side. The "Front Assist" ambient traffic monitoring system with predictive pedestrian protection is also part of the standard equipment on the new Tiguan. If the system detects a situation where the distance to other vehicles is critical, it can help you reduce the stopping distance. The Proactive Occupant Protection System is also another intelligent safety measure that automatically initiate preventive measures when a dangerous situation is detected, such as through the automatic tightening of seat belts.

Assistance systems A partner that is always there for you: The new Tiguan makes your life easier with a host of helpful assistance systems.

Front Assist

Traffic ahead is often unpredictable. In the new Tiguan, the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system can help you identify situations early on where the distance to the vehicle in front is critical.

Immediate reactions.

The Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system helps, within the system's limits, to reduce the stopping distance of your Tiguan where the distance to other vehicles is critical. The system reacts in two stages: In the first stage the driver is alerted visually and acoustically of a risk of a collision with a vehicle ahead. At the same time the brakes are prepared for emergency braking. If the driver ignores the warning, a one-time short jolt of the brakes ensues as the second stage. If the driver then applies the brakes, the full brake pressure is available immediately. The system increases the brake pressure if the driver fails to brake hard enough. In situations in which a collision is unavoidable, Front Assist automatically brakes your Tiguan within the system's limits.

Connectivity A supreme digital experience: thanks to state-of-the-art communications technology, you can benefit from multimedia entertainment and up-to-the-minute information in the Tiguan.


Three innovative technologies allow you to bring smartphone apps onto your infotainment system's touchscreen: MirrorLink, Android Auto from Google, and Apple CarPlay.

Full connectivity.

The App Connect function makes it possible for you to easily connect your smart phone with the car's infotainment system, and operate selected apps via the touch screen. Link your Android or iOS smartphone to the Tiguan with the innovative App-Connect feature, standard on the Discover Pro infotainment system. App-Connect includes three innovative technologies that allow you to bring smartphone apps onto the car's touchscreen: the established MirrorLink apps, the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from Google.

Composition Media

The 'Composition Media' radio has impressive features, including an easy-to-operate colour touch screen with 6.5" display and eight speakers. The system also has an integrated CD drive and various connection options for external devices: SD card slot, USB port and AUX IN media socket. This makes it possible to play tracks from a CD player or smartphone, for instance. The 'Composition Media' can receive FM and AM radio stations. Convenient phone calls during the journey are guaranteed by the integrated mobile phone preparation system with Bluetooth interface, which allows calls to be conducted via the speakers, if so desired.

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