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Scirocco. Its all-round sporty class is clear to see. The Scirocco is the epitome of advanced dynamism and efficient performance.


Front-end design

Just look what's coming! The Scirocco stands out with its striking black honeycomb structure on the radiator grille and the air inlet - while providing the powerful engines with the necessary cooling air in a highly impressive way. The light module in the lower bumper splits the turn indicator, fog light and - in the standard specification - daytime running lights vertically: narrow dividers, known as blades, ensure a clearly structured light pattern. Taken in combination with the headlights that narrow toward the centre, the result is the unmistakable squat Scirocco front-end, which hugs the road. And as far as lighting is concerned: LED turn indicators are now integrated into the exterior mirrors. A striking detail, which also enhances safety when overtaking and turning.

Rear-end design

As befitting a genuine sports coupé, the rear view impresses with its powerful shapes, a rear spoiler, a diffuser design with twin exhaust pipe and the practical swivel badge as the most eye-catching features. The consistently performance-focused look is also continued in the details. For instance the dark-red rear light with its sophisticated LED technology is drawn well into the middle of the vehicle. It emphasises the self-confident sportiness of the Scirocco design particularly in the dark when the striking light signature works to full effect. LEDs are also used for the license plate illumination, improving visibility with their clear, white light.

Side design

The side view with its pronounced forwards thrust is bound to set the pulse of sporty drivers racing. The flat body makes the Scirocco visually hug the asphalt on the road. The arrowhead-shaped silhouette runs from the wide rear wings to the narrow wedge-shaped headlights. The long wheelbase and the powerfully curved side sections convey a sense of reliable stability. Overall, however, a clear, tidy look dominates which promises one thing: pure driving pleasure


The narrow headlights on the Scirocco stand out from the crowd and lend it a dynamic look. Above all though they offer optimum visibility thanks to their bright illuminated area. That way you are prepared for any lighting situation. The optional headlights with xenon lighting technology come into their own while driving in the dark thanks to a large range as well as outstanding illumination of the sides of the road. And LED daytime running lights, which are integrated into the xenon headlights, guarantee minimal energy usage as well as lower probability of failure. The xenon headlights also come with the dynamic cornering light function: the bi-xenon swivel system which follows the direction of the steering wheel optimises illumination on bends and minimises the risk of an accident. Fog lights, which are mounted in the bumpers, are also optionally available as an additional extra. The stunning side-effect is that they underline the Scirocco's striking looks. Whatever type of headlights you choose, you can look forward to safe driving pleasure any time of day or night.

Paint finish

Sporty Pure White, mysterious Deep Black or fiery Flash Red*: you determine the character of your Scirocco with the paint finish. Anyone looking to move away from the usual range of colours will find something truly extraordinary. For instance with the metallic colours: let the car shimmer in Viper Green*, Rising Blue, Ultra Violet or Pyramid Gold and you'll certainly attract lots of attention. Despite the superb colours it's good to know that under the high-grade paintwork, the electrogalvanised surface provides reliable anti-corrosion protection.

* Available at a later date. Your Volkswagen partner will be happy to notify you of the exact date.



The Scirocco lives up to what its looks promise: powerful engines ensure an exhilarating sensation when accelerating - and peace of mind when looking at the consumption figures. There is a choice of TSI units, which already deliver enormous power from minimal displacement, and TDI engines which lead the field with their economical common-rail technology. They all come - except for the extremely sporty Scirocco R¹ - as standard with BlueMotion Technology featuring start-stop system and brake energy regeneration. When the Scirocco comes to a stop, the engine is automatically switched off, meaning that no fuel is burned. Regeneration also helps save energy. While braking the coasting energy is converted into electricity using an alternator and fed to the battery. The battery is therefore charged with surplus energy, which in turn saves fuel.

¹ Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 10,8 / extra urban 6,2 / combined 7,9; CO2 emissions combined, g/km: 185; Efficiency class: F

Tyre monitoring display

Optimum tyre pressure is tremendously important for safe driving, extends the service life of the tyres too, and helps keep fuel consumption low. But who regularly checks the tyre pressure on their car? The tyre monitoring display lends a helping hand and can help you monitor tyre pressure. The system monitors the tyre pressure using wheel speed sensors. If tyre pressure falls, the radius of the affected wheel is reduced. Consequently the wheel turns faster with a constant vehicle speed. The tyre monitoring display alerts the driver and ensures greater safety by constantly monitoring tyre pressures. The system helps the driver keep an eye on the tyre pressure. However, you still need to inflate the tyres yourself as usual.

Direct shift gearbox DSG

The optionally available direct shift gearbox DSG provides gearshifts with no notable loss of tractive force. The underlying technology: two sections of the transmission are alternatively connected to the engine. Sporty acceleration is great fun thanks to the fast response time and the direct responsiveness. The motor racing feeling really comes to the fore with the Tiptronic button on the optionally available multifunction steering wheel. But you can also rely perfectly on the direct shift gearbox DSG. In any case you won't need to worry about the clutch any more. It doesn't stop there though. The direct shift gearbox DSG comes with two drive modes, normal and sport mode. In "Sport" the engine is allowed to rev higher through the gears, but where necessary the unit also shifts down earlier. The direct shift gearbox DSG therefore ideally complements the Scirocco's dynamism.

Freewheel function

It would be a waste not to make use of the kinetic energy of such a sportily designed car. The freewheel function simply lets the Scirocco coast when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal. Then the engine is automatically disengaged. If the brake pedal is pressed, the engine is engaged again and the engine braking effect is available once more. The freewheel function comes as standard with all Scirocco engines. If you adopt an anticipatory driving style and use kinetic energy to best effect, you can quickly save a great deal of fuel - up to around half a litre per 100 kilometres!


Sports seats

Negotiating hairpin bends is great fun in the Scirocco. The sports seats with their excellent lateral support will effortlessly offset even noticeable centrifugal forces. The easy adjustability of the front seats is also convenient. That way you'll quickly find a comfortable position however big you are. The hard-wearing Titanium Black "Matthiew" upholstery with its progressive checked pattern design ideally complements the sports seats - and visually too.

Boot capacity

The athletic Scirocco has space for your everyday needs. It is easy to load thanks to its large tailgate. Its boot capacity of 312 litres can be even be extended further by folding down the symmetrically split backrest on the rear seat bench. That way you can easily accommodate suitcases, as well as bulky items such as a snowboard or golf bag. It's something others are bound to want to copy!


The cockpit makes it easy for the Scirocco driver to keep an eye on everything. Easy-grip leather on the sports steering wheel, the handbrake and shift lever feels good. You simply need to close the roller shutter over the centre console to keep everything looking tidy. Stylish chrome features on the rotary light switch and chrome trim on the mirror adjustment switch ensure a high-class atmosphere. The "Plus" multifunction display provides valuable additional information while driving, such as fuel consumption, range and oil temperature, all of which can be assimilated with a quick glance. Three additional instruments with their tube design set the pulse of aesthetes and sports aficionados beating faster.

Air conditioning systems

An air conditioning system is fitted as standard on the thoroughbred Scirocco. Regulate the air temperature, volume and distribution to create the ideal environment. The optional "Climatronic" allows the front passenger to set their own pleasant temperature independently of the driver. The separate temperature adjustment is shown exactly on a display to the nearest half degree Celsius.


What does the charge pressure do? The oil temperature? The additional round dials provide information on the engine status. A multifunction stopwatch for measuring lap times is a third instrument - a statement for those avid motor racing fans. Through the steering wheel the driver catches a glimpse of the instrument cluster, which also exudes sporty charm with its tube design and chrome rings. The excitement rises well before the indicator on the rev counter has had chance to move.


Radio systems

The optional "RCD 310" radio system with eight speakers, CD and MP3 playback with track listings will keep you perfectly entertained. You can easily connect a smartphone or MP3 player via the AUX-IN multimedia socket. If you're looking for pristine digital radio reception, then the DAB+ system not only provides excellent audio sound, but also delivers additional services, such as up-to-the-minute traffic reports and weather.

Navigation system

The "RCD 310" radio system is also available with the "RNS 315" navigation function. You can display your route in 2D or 3D on the colour touchscreen with its 12.7 cm screen diagonal - while enjoying the crystal-clear sound of your "RCD 310". The "RNS 510" radio/navigation system boasts a larger display with 16.5 cm screen diagonal and a DVD player. Films and music can be saved ready for use on the integrated 30 GB hard drive. Just like the "RNS 315" the system comes with an SD card slot as an additional data source and also supports voice control; an option you'll quickly come to appreciate particularly when driving. So you really have got everything you need to get to your destination with the best possible entertainment.


You can play virtually any of today's portable audio sources in the Scirocco. You simply need the optional MEDIA-IN multimedia socket with USB adapter cable or with the iPod/iPhone adapter cable. The socket together with the cable are stored in the front centre armrest; an ideal place to store external audio devices such as a smartphone, MP3 player and USB stick. The radio or radio/navigation system is used to operate the device and supports track listings.

Assistance systems

Hill-start assist

With the optional hill-start assist including XDS electronic differential lock you can tackle winding and steep sections of road with much more confidence. The forwards momentum is the hallmark of the Scirocco. That's why the hill-start assist helps you when moving off on an incline, can prevent the vehicle from rolling back and makes it much more difficult to stall the engine. The XDS electronic differential lock is all about traction and hence improved control. When cornering at speed, the inner front wheel is braked in order to combat pronounced understeer. This effective combination of two systems is fun as it lets you enjoy fast yet at the same time safe motoring. Bring on the hills and hairpin bends!

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Beauty from every angle. As the Scirocco faces the end of its production life, it will soon become another collector's item. We've got a few units left so hurry down to the Volkswagen showroom to get a closer look at the Scirocco R-Line!

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