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Volkswagen sedans in Brunei. Spacious, practical and fuel efficient sedans for families.

Finding the best sedan in Brunei to suit your needs - and those of your family - is not always easy. Do you prioritise space over safety? Or performance over fuel consumption? With Volkswagen sedans, you can have it all. Check out the Volkswagen Passat for yourself, and experience first-hand the thoughtful design, innovative features and quality that they offer.

The Passat is intelligently designed with lots of interior space. Not only does it have plenty of rear seat legroom, its boot capacity is also class-leading. So whether it's a family shopping spree or a long road trip you're planning, you can be sure that there will be plenty of space in the car for everything and everyone.


The Passat looks and feels like a luxury limousine, and it certainly has the equipment to match. Selected models come with a touchscreen infotainment system that seamlessly integrates smartphone apps for even greater convenience. The Passat is smart in other ways as well, with its hands-free Park Assist and Easy Open functions (Exclusiveline model). It can even remind you to stop and take a break from driving, if it detects driver fatigue.

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