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Design The Golf moulds its own design class, and has become more striking, sportier and more streamlined. Yet it still succeeds in staying true to itself.


 The Golf remains true to itself in its seventh generation. The characteristic silhouette with the distinctive C-pillar design is a highlight that continues to set the Golf apart visually. The long wheelbase and precise lines, on the other hand, add up to a dynamic look that is both new and timelessly elegant.


Moving the front axle forward has created even more space for passengers. The centre console is angled towards the driver and therefore easy to operate. With its high-class materials and switches with white backlighting, the roomy interior feels pleasant to the touch and is a treat to look at.

Xenon headlights

The optional xenon headlights produce a light spectrum similar to that of daylight, resulting in superior visibility. The headlight range control adjusts the range of the beams to compensate for different vehicle loads. Meanwhile, the integrated cornering lights mean that obstacles in bends can be quickly spotted.

Comfort Ambitious: the Golf makes premium-class comfort the standard for its segment too. Because Volkswagen sets its expectations very high.

Leather trim

The 'Vienna' leather upholstery gives the interior of the Golf a premium feel and look. Available in a choice of colours, it is both comfortable and easy to maintain. The steering wheel and gear lever knob are also wrapped in high-quality leather that makes them particularly pleasant to hold.

“Climatronic” air conditioning system

The 'Climatronic' air conditioning system (standard on the Golf 1.4 TSI onwards) includes 2-zone digital temperature control with separate adjustment for the driver and passenger sides - allowing everyone to set their ideal temperature for travelling. The glove compartment can be cooled too.

Luggage compartment

To facilitate loading, the large and versatile boot on the Golf features a low loading lip, variable luggage compartment floor and 60:40 split rear seats. And if the rear shelf ever has to make way for bulky loads, it can be conveniently stored under the variable luggage compartment floor.

Technology With the latest generation of efficient engine technology on board, the Golf looks to be more future-focused than ever. All the available engines make their mark by delivering maximum power combined with minimal fuel consumption.


The state-of-the-art TSI petrol engines in the Golf are renowned for their efficiency. The downsizing approach is one of the most effective methods for saving fuel, and despite their comparatively small displacement, the TSI engines achieve extremely high power and torque outputs.

BlueMotion Technology

Sustainability based on low emissions combined with optimum power. That's the BlueMotion Technology formula. A variety of measures for reducing consumption, including brake energy regeneration and the start/stop system, are allied to economical engines to produce a whole new efficiency concept.

Infotainment With its state-of-the-art infotainment systems with standard multi-touch screen, the Golf sets a marker for its model class.


The 'Composition Colour' radio system can read SD cards and features an AUX-IN multimedia port for connecting external audio sources. Its 5-inch colour touchscreen display allows all the important information to be seen at a glance, while the eight loudspeakers deliver the sound quality you expect from a Golf.

"Discover Pro" radio/navigation system

Navigation plus multimedia entertainment: the 'Discover Pro' system is equipped with a large 8-inch touchscreen and also features voice control, Bluetooth connectivity and perfectly clear 3D mapping. The handy proximity sensor technology makes operating the system even more intuitive.

Safety The innovative safety specification makes the Golf a highly dependable, intelligently conceived car that instils peace of mind on every journey.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme

The Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) is capable of identifying critical driving situations. Within milliseconds, it intervenes by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power to stabilise vehicle handling, preventing the vehicle from sliding out or skidding when cornering.

Multi-collision brake

Many serious accidents involve more than one collision. To avoid such situations, Volkswagen has developed the multi-collision brake system. In an accident, the vehicle is braked to a speed of 10 km/h in steps at a pre-set rate of deceleration. The driver is able to take control of the car again at any time.

Proactive occupant protection system

The proactive occupant protection system (standard on the Golf 1.4 TSI onwards) reacts just before an impending collision by priming the seat belts and brakes. In order to optimise the protective effect of the head and side airbags, the system also automatically closes the side windows and sunroof.

Electronic parking brake

The electronic parking brake is operated by a convenient switch. It is automatically released when the vehicle pulls away for jolt-free starting. The built-in Auto Hold function prevents the vehicle from moving when you are stopped at traffic lights and on inclines, thereby making hill starts easier.

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