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Golf Variant

Golf Variant

Design Besides offering plenty of room, the Golf Variant also boasts a sporty design that is oozing with style and class both inside and out.

Front-end design

The Golf Variant radiates style everywhere it goes, thanks to a design of premium calibre that is clearly noticeable even from the front. It is brimming with dynamism and high-class details - the bumper sports a refined, body-coloured finish, while the air intake grilles are in eye-catching black.

Side view

The side view of the Golf Variant certainly spells sportiness from front to rear. The graceful B-pillar in high-gloss black adds to the sporty look. Meanwhile, the distinctive roof rails and heat-insulating glass underline how the Golf Variant convincingly fuses sporty design with everyday practicality.

Rear-end design

The rear end of the Golf Variant is a picture of sophistication and self-assurance. A tailgate with integral spoiler, two-piece bumper trim with split taillight units, built-in reflectors and a black-grained diffuser - all unmistakable signs that the new Golf Variant is far more than just a practical estate car.


Features such as the ambient lighting add to the pleasant atmosphere on board. Lighting elements in the footwells, the front door trim panels, the door openers and the armrests make it easier for the occupants to orientate themselves and lend further emphasis to the interior's up-to-date and refined ambience.

Bi-xenon headlamps

A clear view of where you're heading at all times - the Golf Variant has bi-xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights as standard. Not only do they look good, they are also extremely bright and efficient. The dynamic cornering lights follow the line of bends, allowing you to spot any obstacles ahead sooner.

Roof rails

The fixed rails on the roof both add to the sporty looks of the Golf Variant and extend the transport options. They provide a sturdy base for carrying larger items of cargo. You also have the option of practical carrier bars, which come supplied with a carrier bag and include anti-theft protection for security.

R-Line equipment package

The R-Line equipment package lends the Golf Variant a sportier look. The R-Line hallmark bumper with integrated air inlets and the R-Line logo in the radiator guard exude an air of power. 18-inch 'Serron' alloy wheels and a striking black diffuser with integrated twin exhaust pipes rounds off the rear's dynamic look.

Comfort and convenience The Golf Variant is spacious throughout. Naturally, comfort is also a high priority.

Luggage compartment

The particularly low loading lip on the Golf Variant and the height-adjustable luggage compartment floor mean that even heavy objects can be loaded with ease. And should you require even more space, the luggage compartment cover can be simply detached and stowed underneath the floor.

Panoramic sunroof

Memorable moments at the push of a button: that's something you can experience with the electrically operated panoramic sliding/tilting sunroof. No matter whether you have the star-studded heavens or deep blue skies overhead, in the Golf Variant you are always assured of a breath-taking view.

Multifunction steering wheel

Take a piece of flawless craftsmanship in your hands: a multifunction steering wheel that holds a wealth of extras in store. Use the shift paddles to flick through the gears, and enjoy the convenience of being able to operate the cruise control, radio and your mobile phone from the steering wheel.

Leather upholstery and trim

Wonderfully supple and sophisticated - the 'Vienna' leather upholstery and trim in the Golf Variant creates a true top-class ambience. Despite this, the materials remain hard-wearing and easy to clean. Further practical features include the storage pockets on the seat backs and the drawers underneath the front seats.

Assistance system In the Golf Variant, you are able to call on a whole series of useful and highly attentive assistance systems that are designed to help keep you safe out on the road.

Rear view camera

The standard rear view camera makes reversing easier. It is housed in the emblem on the tailgate where it is protected from dirt, and swings out as soon as reverse gear is engaged. It also helps with parking manoeuvres by showing where the vehicle would move as the steering wheel position changes.

Park assist

Thanks to Park Assist, the Golf Variant can take all the hard work out of manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces - parallel as well as perpendicular. The system takes care of the steering wheel movements, and all that remains for you to do is select the gear and operate the accelerator and brake.

Technology The Golf Variant has a wealth of technology to offer. Whether you're seeking efficient, economical performance or would like to tailor the car's characteristics to your requirements, it impresses on all counts.


Maximum power coupled with low consumption: the TSI engine featuring turbocharging, direct fuel injection and the latest downsizing technology promises sporty performance. It generates remarkable power delivery and high levels of torque from low revs, while delivery superb fuel economy.

BlueMotion Technology

This comprises vehicle concepts designed to combine low fuel consumption with comfort. The streamlined aerodynamics ensure lower air drag while tyres with optimised rolling resistance enhance fuel efficiency. To round off the package, a start-stop system and brake energy regeneration are standard.

Driving Profile Selection

Personalised and practical: the Driving Profile Selection allows you to adapt the Golf Variant to your individual driving style. At the push of a button, elements such as the engine, steering and transmission characteristics, and even the air-conditioning and headlamp settings are tailored to your requirements.

Infotainment In the Golf Variant, you are always kept in touch with the world around you with the latest connectivity features.

Navigation system

Whether it's on a family trip into the great outdoors or in bustling city traffic - with the 'Discover Pro' navigation system you'll always find the best route to where you're heading. It has an 8-inch touchscreen with proximity sensor technology, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in hard disk and 2 SD card slots.

Voice control

The voice control system in the Golf Variant lets you operate a connected mobile phone, infotainment functions as well as the navigation system without having to use your hands. The navigation system recognises street and place names though speech inputs, and will calculate the route when instructed to.

Safety The Golf Variant is your faithful companion for all activities, so it's good to know that it combines excellent safety with cutting-edge technology and a host of handy features.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme

In critical driving situations, the ESP can intervene so as to prevent the car from skidding. Any instability that occurs can be detected by the sensors in an instant - allowing the vehicle's handling to be corrected by means of computer-controlled intervention in the braking system and engine management.

Multi-Collision Brake

The Multi-Collision Brake is able to automatically brake the vehicle in order to avoid further collisions following an accident. The system immediately initiates automatic braking, reducing the impact energy and therefore the risk of being shunted into traffic on the opposite side of the road, for example.

Electronic parking brake

All at the push of a button instead of the pull of a lever: the electronic parking brake is operated with the greatest of ease. The brake is automatically released when the vehicle pulls away, for jolt-free starting. The Auto Hold function furthermore stops the vehicle from rolling forwards or backwards when halted.

Occupant protection

Thanks to the array of airbags and seat belts that pull taut automatically, the Golf Variant is able to offer its occupants added security. The proactive occupant protection system makes a further contribution to safety. It is deployed just fractions of a second before impact when a collision can no longer be avoided.

Tyre monitoring indicator

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure extends tyre life, reduces fuel consumption and increases safety. With the help of rotational speed sensors, the standard-fit tyre monitoring system can detect whether the wheel is turning more quickly at the same vehicle speed, which indicates a loss of pressure.

Driver Alert System

This system warns the driver as soon as any deviations from normal driving behaviour are detected. It draws on a large number of parameters to determine whether the driver is showing signs of fatigue. If this is the case, a warning signal sounds and a message appears, prompting the driver to take a break.

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