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Caddy Highline

The Caddy Highline

Technology In the Caddy, you will find a 1.4 TSI engine that captivates with its impressively smooth running and fuel savings. BlueMotion Technology is standard and it is compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standard. Power transmission to the front wheels is the task of the smooth-running dual clutch gearbox DSG.

TSI Engine

The combination of direct injection and turbocharging makes the smooth-running TSI engine both extremely efficient and exceptionally powerful. This new generation engine features a lightweight design, reduced friction and quieter running. It delivers responsive acceleration in all driving conditions.

Dual clutch gearbox DSG

Thanks to the intelligent gearshift system the 7-speed DSG changes fluidly to the next preselected gear at the optimum time. This results in excellent driving comfort and quick response, without an interruption in power flow. The gears can also be changed manually at any time with a light tap of the gear lever.

BlueMotion Technology

The Caddy is equipped with a start/stop system, regenerative braking, Hill Start Assist and roll resistance-optimised tyres. All these contribute to lower fuel consumption and a more environmentally friendly character.

Interior Inside the Caddy you will find seven extremely comfortable seats and a high-quality finish on the cockpit. Of course, there are also several cup holders and practical storage spaces, for instance in the doors and the central console.

Roof shelf

A spacious roof shelf is located directly above the driver and passenger seats, where it is possible to store larger objects. The shelf stretches across the width of the front windscreen and its position makes it easy for both the driver and front seat passenger to retrieve items on the go.

Folding table for rear seats

Practical on long-distance journeys: The fold-up tables in the backrests of the front seats provide passengers in the second seating row with an easy to clean surface, and an integrated cupholder. They are stable enough to be used for a hot meal, or perhaps as a platform for a card game.

Versatile seating

For us, flexible was never flexible enough. That is why the rear seats of the Caddy can be easily folded or removed. This creates the space needed for big shopping trips or transporting furniture. The low loading sill and the even boot surface make loading and unloading as easy as possible.

Leather trim

The pleasant feel of the leather trim controls add to the vehicle comfort, and raise the interior to a whole new level. The leather trim equipment includes the gear lever knob and the handbrake lever, as well as the gaiter. This is matched with a leather-covered multifunction steering wheel.

Height adjustable armrest

The comfortable armrest in between the two front seats doesn't only serve as the cover for a spacious storage compartment below, it also has two levels of adjustment to suit the individual height settings necessary for a safe and comfortable journey.

'Composition Media' radio system

The system consists of a 6.3-inch TFT colour display, a touch screen with proximity sensor, six speakers, a dual tuner with phase diversity for optimal radio reception, an SD card slot, an AUX-IN interface, a USB port, and a Bluetooth connection for phone calls and music streaming.

'Climatronic' air conditioning

Thanks to the 2-zone temperature control, the temperature in degrees can be individually set for the driver and front passenger. At the same time, an air quality sensor monitors the quality of the air outside, and automatically activates the air recirculation function if necessary.

Exterior The Caddy impresses with sharp, precise and dynamic lines, and a whole host of distinctive features. In particular its rear with a spoiler, as well as the sporty design at the front with four chrome trim stripes, make a strong first impression.

Electrically folding door mirrors

Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors are standard for the Caddy, and they can also be electrically folded in at the touch of a button.

Bi-xenon headlamps

The bi-xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights illuminate the roadway significantly better than conventional halogen headlights. They also stand out due to their low energy consumption.

Tinted tail lights

The tinted tail lights add a distinctive flair and lend the rear section of the Caddy a bold character. Their profile perfectly complements the car's sharp lines.

Roof rails

The silver roof rails enhance the appearance of the vehicle, and are an ideal basis for attachments such as bicycle holders. In total, the roof rails can carry a maximum load of 100 kg.

Large tailgate

The smooth-functioning tailgate can be opened easily with one hand. When open, it offers protection from rain and sunshine during loading and unloading.

Safety To ensure that every drive ends as stress-free as it begins, the Caddy is equipped with various safety systems which are activated in critical situations as a preventative measure.

Brake assist system

Registers the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed. During a reflexive or emergency braking action, it ensures that full brake pressure is built up more quickly so as to achieve the shortest possible stopping distances.

Seat belt warning

If their seat belts are not fastened, the seat belt warning reminds the driver and the front passenger to fasten their belts with a visual warning when the engine is started, and an acoustic warning after setting off.


The Caddy comes with 6 airbags as standard for all-round protection. Not only are there front and side airbags for the front seat occupants, head airbags also protect rear passengers in the event of a side-on collision.

Additional safe systems

Electronic Stabilisation Programme - prevents under- or over-steering via targeted braking of individual wheels. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) - shortens braking distance while maintaining steering control. Traction control system (TCS) - prevents wheelspin when accelerating on a slippery surface. Electronic differential lock (EDL) - distributes the engine's torque to the tyres without slippage.

Assistance systems The Caddy is fitted with a range of innovative driver assistance systems. These work to increase safety by reducing stress, and are able to intervene to assist the driver if necessary.

Rear view camera

The rear view camera simplifies parking by showing a view of the area behind the vehicle on the display of the radio system. Additional static guidelines facilitate the parking process.

Cruise control incl. speed limiter

As of a speed of 30 km/h, the user-friendly cruise control system is able to maintain the set speed. It can also limit the top speed of the Caddy to a value selected by the driver.

Fatigue detection system

This system displays a message and uses acoustic warning signals to recommend that the driver takes a break as soon as it registers driving behaviour that indicates tiredness.

Tyre monitoring display

By using the wheel speed sensors, this system can detect when there is a deviation in tyre pressure and indicates to the driver to check the tyres as soon as possible.


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