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The new Arteon

Design Aerodynamic contours, frameless windows, a striking rear design – the allure of the Arteon remains far beyond the first encounter. The R-Line exterior styling further emphasises these dynamic elements.

Side profile

The elongated contours and long wheelbase give the Arteon a highly distinctive profile - and an abundance of space wherever you are seated. The wrap-around encompassing bonnet and frameless side windows are especially eye-catching; they exude quality and elegance in the style of a gran turismo.

Character line

There is a character line that starts in the radiator grille of the Arteon, runs cleanly over the side profile, and goes into the tail lights before developing into a sharp undercut at the rear. This reduces the height of the Arteon and carries the strong shoulder section upwards. Subsequently, the long line of windows above the character line extend into the C pillar with frameless door windows. This gives the Arteon an elegant, low and coupé-like look.

Rear lettering

The Arteon lettering on the rear holds out the promise of more; it is guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. The name is derived from 'artem', the Latin word for art - it alludes to the coherent, aesthetic lines of the design.

LED tail lights

The LED tail lights allude to the power and outstanding dynamic range of the Arteon. A dynamic turn signal adds an even more striking look to the Arteon, and also enhances safety by drawing even more attention to the tail lights.

Space concept The look-and-feel of the interior is truly inspirational.


The cockpit of the Arteon with the R-Line interior styling is truly inspirational. The multifunction, leather sports steering wheel bears the "R-Line" badge and boasts decorative stitching; it is complemented by "Silver Rise" inlays in aluminium. The Nappa leather seats with "carbon-style" inner faces of the side sections as well as the "R-Line" badge embroidered into the front seats make every ride a feast for the senses.

Panoramic sunroof and ambient lighting

The panoramic sunroof comprises a glass element with an electrically operated tilt and slide function. Teamed with the pleasant ambient lighting, it is certain to brighten your day no matter the weather. The light streaming in through the sunroof further adds to the feeling of space.

Comfort The features of the Arteon are as impressive as the car itself. They turn every ride into a unique experience that will tantalise all your senses.


Lean back and enjoy the exquisite interior with its exclusive materials and comfort. The seats in Nappa leather with 14-way adjustment provide special support to the back - using the buttons at the side, you can define the longitudinal position, seat height, seat and backrest tilt and the position of the seat depth. The lumbar support with massage and memory function provides particular comfort, making longer journeys even more pleasant.

Multi-function steering wheel and digital instrument cluster

The leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel is pleasant to the touch, and helps you stay in charge of the vehicle and your information while on the move. With the innovative Active Info Display, content such as rev counter, speedometer and mileage indicator - even detailed data on the trip and the various driver assistance systems - are arranged in your direct line of sight at the heart of the dash display.

Head-up Display

With the Head-up Display, key driving information is presented directly in your field of vision. Speed, function of the assistance systems as well as warning and navigation information are easy to read even in direct sunlight. The driver has to take his eyes off the road less often - a clear advantage particularly in traffic situations where the view is impeded. And if you decide you don't need the display at some stage, it can be lowered flush into the instrument panel to protect it from dust.


In the Arteon, comfort and convenience begin even before you set off. Offering a good 563 litres of luggage space, the boot is generously proportioned by gran turismo standards. And thanks to the Easy Open function, a flick of the foot under the rear of the vehicle is all it takes to open the rear hatch. The time-delayed electric closing function means you can close the luggage compartment at the touch of a button, leaving you free to load and unload at your leisure.

Engine The Arteon meets the most demanding requirements - or can even exceed them: with advanced technology and efficient engines.

TSI petrol engine

The Arteon is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged TSI petrol engine with 280 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque. It features a quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG), as well as the latest generation of Dynamic Chassis Control.

4MOTION permanent all-wheel drive

Driving pleasure with superb grip: The 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive system on the Arteon provides you with useful assistance not only while venturing off the tarmac. Drive force is distributed to each wheel as required, providing optimum traction with no wheel spin. 4MOTION is highly reliable on virtually any surface and can also help keep the vehicle firmly on track even in adverse conditions and at higher speeds.

Assistance systems Attention to detail: the Arteon offers premium design as well as driving pleasure.

Dynamic Chassis Control with driving profile selection

With the latest generation of Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), the Arteon offers greater dynamic configurability - in the Individual mode, drivers can customise the car's suspension on a sliding scale. The range of settings has also been extended, including the Comfort+ and Sport+ profiles. The new near infinitely adaptable shock absorbers together with an increased range of adjustment deliver a quality reminiscent of vehicles equipped with air suspension. The driver can also select from pre-set driving profiles conveniently at the press of a button in the centre console. If he prefers, he can also adjust the settings in the Individual menu using a slider to enable further matching to the driver's personal preference.

Side Assist

Keep everything in view when changing lane - whether you're driving alone or with a full car, Side Assist comes to your aid when changing lane on multi-lane highways, as far as the system's limits allow. The system is active at speeds above 10 km/h and monitors traffic behind for up to 70 metres with the help of radar sensors. If, during the intended lane change, the radar detects a vehicle in the area not visible to the driver or that is approaching fast from behind, the system alerts the driver with a visual signal in the exterior mirror.

Area View

Keeps an eye all around you: whether you're parking, turning off a road or leaving a driveway, the Area View function lets you know what's going on around your vehicle. Four cameras capture the entire surroundings and projects this onto the screen of the infotainment system - this is particularly handy when you don't have a lot of room to manoeuvre.


Achieve perfect cornering: the XDS electronic differential lock delivers improved traction and more responsive steering around bends, providing more agility during fast cornering. The one-sided build-up of brake pressure on the inside wheels enhances traction and makes cornering even more precise. That makes perfect control possible with deft handling.

Park Assist

The park and steer assistant Park Assist manoeuvres you elegantly into your parking space. All you have to do is operate the accelerator and the brake - Park Assist takes care of the rest. With just 80 cm of space required, the Arteon can detect the intended parking space independently as you drive past at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The system not only assists with reverse parallel parking, but can also help you pull forwards into both parallel and side-by-side spaces. At any point in time, the driver can interrupt the parking manoeuvre and regain control of the steering wheel.

Infotainment Enjoy first-class communication plus navigation in the Arteon, and treat your ears to the "DYNAUDIO Confidence" premium sound system.

Discover Pro infotainment system

The Discover Pro navigation system is the infotainment system for the especially discerning driver. It offers innovative gesture control across a 9.2-inch touch screen - this allows you to change from one radio station to another or change the system settings in your car, such as the intensity of the interior lighting, with a single hand movement. It also features eight speakers, FM radio, a CD drive that can also play music in MP3, AAC and WMA format, two SD card slots, AUX-IN and USB ports and a Bluetooth connection for mobile phones.


Operate the most important functions of your smartphone from the centre console. Telephony, messaging and music are available at the touch of a button. At Volkswagen, we call this App-Connect. Three innovative technologies that let you integrate smartphone content into the touchscreen of your infotainment system: MirrorLink™, CarPlay™ from Apple and Android Auto™ from Google.

DYNAUDIO Confidence

Experience a consummate high-end listening experience with DYNAUDIO, one of the most successful manufacturers of high-end speakers. Musicians, sound engineers and sound aficionados have been relying on the Danish brand since 1977. They appreciate the natural sound reproduction, which enables the music to be heard close to the original - just as it was recorded.

The 'DYNAUDIO Confidence' sound system, which is precisely tuned to the interior, boasts 12 speakers including a centre speaker and subwoofer as well as a total output of 700 watts, delivering an extraordinary listening experience. It produces its highly distinctive sound thanks to the 12-channel digital amplifier.

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