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Radio systems.

RCD 210

The RCD 210 radio system with output power of 2 or 4x20 watts has four loudspeakers in the front and a built-in CD player. It can play files in MP3 format from a CD and displays the title, name of the artist and album name. In addition, it includes title selection, random play mode and an intro scan function. The RCD 210 can be combined with the Standard mobile phone adapter, which means that a phone call will interrupt the radio and the driver will be able to hear the caller’s voice through the car’s loudspeakers. The radio can be operated through the multi-function steering wheel with the commands “Volume up/Volume down/ Next/Previous, Mute”.

RCD 310

The RCD 310 radio system includes a CD player, an AUX-IN interface as well as a connection for an external CD changer. It can play MP3 and WMA files. It is also available with either the Dynaudio or Volkswagen sound system. The radio system changes volume automatically depending on what speed you are driving at and can display information on the car’s air conditioning on its display. It is also possible to have a telephone connection for the Standard mobile phone adapter. You can also have the Optical Parking System (OPS) displayed on the display of the RCD 310 if you wish.

RCD 510

The RCD 510 radio system offers a unique sound experience and is amazingly easy to use thanks to its large touchscreen and sturdy buttons. It also offers an integrated 6-compartment CD changer and an AUX-IN interface. The radio system can play both MP3 and WMA files, has a connection for an external CD player and shows information on the car’s air conditioning on its display. The RCD 510 can be combined with either the Standard or Premium mobile phone adapters. In addition, if the car has Park Assist, this information will be shown on the display (OPS).