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Mobile phone adapter.

Mobile phone adapter

The mobile phone adapter is a hands-free device based on the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile (HFP), which supports mobile phones through the Bluetooth A²DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). The phone is connected to the outside antennae and is charged at the same time thanks to a car model-specific charger or a universal Bluetooth pairing adapter. Music can also be played in this way through the car’s sound system. A digital sound processor ensures optimum speech quality with a connection to the radio loudspeakers and a microphone in the ceiling.

Premium mobile phone adapter

The Premium mobile phone adapter is an integrated car phone with automatic connection to your mobile phone via the Bluetooth technology remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP). Even in areas with poor network coverage, reception is excellent. The Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking function allows you to use the internet from your laptop or a PDA while the digital speech processor ensures excellent sound quality. The device is operated from the multi-function steering wheel, the integrated voice-operated control system or via the touchscreen of the various radio navigation systems.