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Dynaudio sound system.
It's more than just a system - its a philosophy.

The engineers at the Danish loudspeaker manufacturers Dynaudio are genuine specialists in their field. But how are they different from other providers? Well, for one thing, they have over 30 years experience. And they produce their own high-quality parts, which they then put together by hand to make small audio masterpieces. From the sturdy membrane made of almost resonance-free magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) to the strong double magnet system right up to the voice coil, every detail is designed and optimised with premium workmanship to provide the best sound quality possible.

Capable of conveying emotion

Rousing. Relaxing. Inspiring. To many people, music is more than just entertainment. It is a life philosophy and accompanies all their moods. People who experience music in this intense way should also be able to enjoy it – in the very best quality. In cooperation with Dynaudio, Volkswagen therefore developed a sound system for the interior of the car whose depth of sound is akin to that a top-quality HiFi or high-end home music system.


Strictly speaking, it’s not just one sound system. More precisely, it includes four top-quality separate sound concepts, each of them adapted to the different interiors of our car models and equipped with perfectly positioned loudspeakers. The product range extends from the new, compact Excite system for high-end novices to the powerful Contour system and the innovative Dynaudio Confidence system for high-end requirements right up to Temptation, the absolute high-end reference loudspeaker from the Evidence series.

Technologically superior

Excellent quality is the common denominator of all Dynaudio sound systems. They are made up of high-quality loudspeakers with DSP (digital signal processor) technology and a digital multi-channel amplifier. In the cockpit, specially-coated textile dome tweeters are used for a natural resolution of the highest frequencies. More textile dome tweeters are found in the rear to distribute the sound evenly throughout the whole interior of the car. The woofers guarantee a well-defined, deep bass. Put together, they guarantee perfect listening pleasure while blending seamlessly into the car’s interior.