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New Small Family.

A new generation

The “New Small Family” from Volkswagen gives a preview of what the cars of tomorrow will look like: the up! two-door city runabout, the space up! micro-MPV as well as the space up! blue zero-emission MPV. “For myself and my team, designing these studies was an absolute joy,” says Walter de Silva, Head of Design at the Volkswagen Group. “These cars epitomise the dawn of a new era. Anyone who sets eyes on the New Small Family can instantly appreciate their appealing, smart looks. Cars like this are fun: no explanations are needed, everything is self-evident.”

More intelligent, more emotional

Ahead of their joint debut in Bologna in 2007, Volkswagen dispatched the New Small Family on a global relay, starting with the up! at the Frankfurt Motor Show followed by the space up! micro-MPV at the Tokyo Motor Show. Both of these models provide an impressive demonstration of just how intelligent packaging can make use of every millimetre of space whilst creating an emotion-charged design at the same time.

More environmentally aware too

The third and final variant of the New Small Family – the space up! blue zero-emission MPV – was unveiled in Los Angeles in 2008. The models enjoyed an extremely positive reception all around the world. Perhaps not least “… because each of the up! models symbolises a commitment to the protection of our environment,” as Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen Board Member for Development, points out.