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Eos CSC roof system.

Coupe or cabriolet: You decide

In building the Eos, Volkswagen has managed to square the circle: a fully-fledged coupé including a sliding/tilting glass sunroof and a thoroughbred, elegantly designed four-seater convertible. The key to this achievement is the unique CSC roof system. It combines the qualities of a coupé roof, a sliding sunroof and a convertible roof. Both the long, flowing C-pillar and arched roof line bear the classic hallmarks of a coupé. When the CSC roof is down, the visual effect is spoiled neither by roll-over protection bars nor by a high rear.

Whether the roof is up or down, the lines remain coherent and harmonious. The shut lines along the sides of the bonnet flow into the dynamically rising lower window line and are smoothly taken up by the roof compartment lid. The Eos owes this sleek silhouette to the roof’s compact folding dimensions with its innovative engineering design. The luggage compartment of the Eos does not rise above the elegant side line, but nevertheless offers a practical volume for everyday needs of 380 litres (with the roof down: 205 litres).

Volkswagen’s development engineers have achieved this by creating a five-piece roof system that lends the Eos the advantages of both a coupé with sliding sunroof and a convertible. As an alternative to lowering the entire roof, the sunroof is handy for short journeys or for times when it is not quite warm enough outside to drive convertible-style. Its tilting function also provides additional ventilation to improve the climate for the vehicle occupants.

The Eos was designed with the characteristic of uncompromising openness in mind. Often, a convertible’s large windscreen frame, extending deep into the interior, makes entering difficult and impairs the authentic open-top feeling. Not so in the Eos. Because the A-pillar and the roof cross member are positioned well away from the front occupants’ heads, they can enjoy a genuine open-air driving sensation and easy access to the interior. In the Eos, there is nothing between you and the sky – as long as the CSC roof system is open.