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The products.

Many people have good ideas - but implementing them is decisive.
The best solution for everyone

BlueMotionTechnologies stands for the interaction between many different innovations which enable reduced consumption and low emission mobility. Highlights from our BlueMotionTechnologies include our concept brands TSI EcoFuel, BlueTDI and BlueMotion as well as products with the BlueMotionTechnology name. And with each brand, we are giving you a definite promise: we are aiming to find the perfect solution for every need.


BlueMotion: our name for the most economical model in its class. We achieve such remarkably low fuel consumption as a result of intelligent engine management, optimised aerodynamics, tyres with optimal rolling resistance and longer gear ratio. All BlueMotion models will come with the start-stop system and recuperation in the future. And the ecological success of all BlueMotion models can be measured quite easily: just by looking at the fuel gauge.

TSI EcoFuel

The TSI EcoFuel is the world’s first direct-injection turbo engine for a natural gas drive system. The TSI label is given to our natural gas models which have considerably lower CO2 emissions compared to similar petrol models. The numbers speak for themselves: the Touran TSI EcoFuel emits 23 percent less CO2 and the Passat TSI EcoFuel 24 percent less. This shows how much effort we put into researching alternative drive technologies so that future Volkswagens will be even more efficient.

Blue TDI

The high-performance diesel technology TDI is one of Volkswagen’s core competencies. BlueTDI is a new concept that makes this technology even cleaner: exhaust treatment reduces nitrogen oxides produced by up to 90 percent, making the Passat BlueTDI the most environmentally-friendly diesel in its class.

Our concept brand BlueTDI already meets the Euro 6 emissions standard, which does not become obligatory until 2014.