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Lane Assist.

On the right track

During long journeys on monotonous roads, a driver’s concentration can often lapse. It’s not surprising that a lot of accidents are caused by vehicles that deviate from their lane. The “Lane Assist” lane keeping assistance system can help avoid this type of accident: The steering system takes correcting action to support the driver if the vehicle starts to leave its lane.

How it works

When the system is activated, “Lane Assist” automatically becomes active from 65 km/h upwards. A camera built into the inside rear view mirror detects the lane markings and evaluates the position of the vehicle. If the car tends to drift off lane, the lane keeping assistance system takes correcting action. If the maximum action available is not enough to stay in lane or the speed falls below 60 km/h, “Lane Assist” warns the driver with a vibration of the steering wheel. Then it is up to the driver to take correcting action.

In practice

If “Lane Assist” is activated, a yellow control symbol shaped like a road lights up. As soon as the camera has analysed the road markings, this symbol turns green. Now the system is activated. If the vehicle then leaves the ideal line, “Lane Assist” takes soft and continuous correcting action. If the driver takes his or her hands completely off the steering wheel, the system makes a sound and displays a message making a so-called takeover request. If the driver does not put his or her hands on the wheel for a longer period of time, the function automatically turns itself off. If required, “Lane Assist” can be counteracted by the driver by softly steering against it. The driving assistant does not react if the vehicle moves out of its lane after the driver has indicated. This technology is made possible by the combination of a “steerable” electro-mechanical power steering as featured in the Passat CC.