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Economical fuel consumption. Powerful driving.

In the Caddy, you will find a 1.4 TSI engine that captivates with its impressively smooth running and fuel savings. BlueMotion Technology is standard and it is compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standard. Power transmission to the front wheels is the task of the smooth-running dual clutch gearbox DSG.

TSI engine

The combination of direct injection and turbocharging makes the smooth-running TSI engine both extremely efficient and exceptionally powerful. This new generation engine features a lightweight design, reduced friction and quieter running. It delivers responsive acceleration in all driving conditions.

Dual clutch gearbox DSG

Thanks to the intelligent gearshift system the 7-speed DSG changes fluidly to the next preselected gear at the optimum time. This results in excellent driving comfort and quick response, without an interruption in power flow. The gears can also be changed manually at any time with a light tap of the gear lever.

BlueMotion Technology

The Caddy is equipped with a start/stop system, regenerative braking, Hill Start Assist and roll resistance-optimised tyres. All these contribute to lower fuel consumption and a more environmentally friendly character.