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Ready to take on new challenges.

Supreme traction on and off the road, outstanding comfort and sophisticated design: with the new Touareg you're perfectly equipped for practically any adventure – as well as for day-to-day life.


Its supreme capabilities away from the tarmac shine through in the car's styling. There is nevertheless a remarkably elegant aura about it, helped by clean-cut lines and classy touches. Particularly striking elements are the headlights, which form a line towards the centre of the vehicle with the radiator grille.


Sitting in the lap of luxury: the interior pampers the senses with its wonderful tactile qualities, elegant colours and select materials. The cabin reflects an extraordinary alliance of robust SUV elements and elegant high-class features, such as the aluminium rotary control knobs and white control illumination.

Comfort and convenience

The Touareg always gets you to your destination in supreme comfort and while keeping a cool head en route – whether you're negotiating city centres or rough cross-country terrain. The supple leather upholstery plus the high grade dashboard and door trim accents make every journey a treat for all the senses.

Assistance systems

The Touareg comes generously equipped with both convenience and safety features that are designed to enhance the driving experience without compromising on user-friendliness. These include the 'Area View' 360-degree surroundings monitoring system and the automatic post-collision braking system.


Lighting up bends, harnessing kinetic energy, braking intervention in an emergency: the new Touareg offers advanced technology that results in tremendous everyday practicality. The most efficient, latest generation engines and transmissions are naturally also standard features on the Touareg.


The off-road skills of the Touareg ensure high levels of driving pleasure and safety both on the road and off it, while endowing it with all the prowess of a true cross-country specialist. The driver can select the dedicated 'Off-road Driving Programme', which attunes all aspects of the car's systems for off-road use.